Compliance and Management Software for Home care

Medius Client Module

Allows for detailed information to be kept for each client. Clients can be divided into groups and sub-groups. This allows for much easier control of client data in larger agencies. Medius will keep track of concerned others as well as doctors, and case workers for each client. Services are easily managed and tracked. All service history is easily accessible. Visits and notes are also easily managed in the Client Module.

Medius Advanced Attendant Scheduler

Simplifies and speeds up the entry of attendant schedules. Get a complete 24hr, 7 day view on one concise screen. Medius allows for the entry of future schedules as well. medius Scheduling module will allow agencies to schedule a complete Nursing plan including Annuals, Quarterlies and Nursing Visits. Assuring maximum utilization of Authorized Nursing units. Scheduler along with visits reports and lists can be used to assure clients are receiving optimal care.

Medius Invoicing

Allows your agency to maintain detailed Invoices for all services. Service information can be recalled on client or attendant basis.

Medius Employee Module

Allows your company the ability to maintain attendant demographics, important dates and to-dos as well as cities, attendants are willing to work in. The employee module also tracks active schedules and service history Employment history is immediately available in the Employee Module.

Medius Form Filling

Virtually any form can be customize and integrated. Form filling can be performed on a workstation without the need for Medius to be installed. Forms feature spell-checking and password-protection and data retrieval directly from the form editor without the need for any operations from the Medius interface.

Existing data from any other agency management software can be imported into Medius.

If speed and integrity of your data is important to you,
then Medius is right for your agency.


Your ideas, responsiveness & implementation have been far beyond industry norms and even my own expectations.
Howie Nestel

San Antonio, TX

It's a pleasure to work with a firm which not only understands challenges, but also accommodates customer requests.
Scott Saegert

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